OZ 2014/2

78 ORGANIZACIJA ZNANJA 2014, LETN. 19, ZV. 2 out abbreviations in non-transcribed areas, converting 502s to subfielded versions, adding 336/337/338 fields, etc.), OCLC also encourages users to add other RDA elements to existing non-RDA records even when they are not re-cataloging the entire record according to RDA. Candidates for such editing include, but are not limited to the adding of relator terms to access points and the adding of complete statements of responsibility in 245 (in place of "[et al.]"). As the "OCLC RDA Policy State- ment" says: "When adding or editing one or more such elements in the master record without re-cataloging the record to RDA, do not code the record as RDA. OCLC will generally adhere to the PCC Guidelines on Hybrid Bibliographic Records and expects member libraries editing existing records to add selected RDA elements to follow these guidelines." (OCLC, 2013) Bibliographic records thoroughly recataloged to RDA should be changed to Desc (Leader/18) coded as c or i as ap- propriate and have field 040 subfield $e coded as rda added. Bibliographic records with only individual fields updated to reflect RDA practices should retain the indication of the rules under which they were initially cataloged; that is, no changes would be made to the coding of Desc (Lea- der/18) and field 040, subfield $e would be neither added nor changed. Finally, for members of the OCLC cooperative who are interested in UNIMARC output, in August 2012, OCLC introduced OCLC WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager. Collection Manager automatically delivers WorldCat MARC records and maintains WorldCat hol- dings, on a one time and/or an ongoing basis, for all of your collection or for subsets, including licensed, digi- tal, and physical materials. The service ensures that the bibliographic metadata for all titles and access URLs for electronic content are continually updated in your disco- very interface. This provides better user access to your collections. OCLC continues to expand WorldShare Me- tadata Collection Manager capabilities. WorldShare Me- tadata Collection Manager provides MARC records for e-collections registered in the WorldCat knowledge base, collections of any format based on WorldCat queries, and updated records for items held by your library in World- Cat. WorldCat MARC records can be output in various schemas including MARC21, MARC XML, Dublin Core, and UNIMARC. UNIMARC output options include both UTF-8 Unicode since December 2013 and ISO 5426 sin- ce March 2014. Reference Gatenby, J., 2012. GLIMIR: The Potential Impact . [pdf] Available at: http://www.oclc.org/content/dam/research/presentations/Gatenby/ GLIMIR_thepotentialimpact.pdf [3. 12. 2014]. 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